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Theme for 2016 is:

"A beautiful realm celebrating the
elements of nature;
earth, air (wind),
water & fire"

July 23, 24 2016

All Competition
Entry Mele must
be olelo Hawai’i...

In order to be consistent and appropriate in our cultural presentations, going forward,
all Hawaiian competition
songs must be in the
Hawaiian language. This
includes ‘auana groups
and solos and kahiko
groups and solos. There is
NO limit to the Elements
that can be used by a halau,
group or individual. Different
elements may be used
for each entry..

Hula Mele
Already Selected for
2016 Competition:

Songs can only be reserved if competition entry and fees are received by us.

  Ka Nohona Pili Kai Hanalei Dancers
Ula Noweo Na Mana O Kipona Aloha
Wailele 'O 'Akaka Na Mana O Kipona Aloha
Kahi Kai A'o Mamala
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou

Kaulana Wale 'Oe Kaua'i Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Aia Ka Noho Iuka O Puna
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Hilo Hanakahi
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Pua I Lehua Ka Makani
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou
Ka Pa Hula 'Umoumou


In loving Memory
Roiti Tahauri Sylva

Roiti Tahauri Sylva, born in Tuamotu island of Takaroa, danced for the legendary Madeleine Mou’a, among other notable Tahitian dance instructors in Tahiti. She came to Hawaii in 1959 before statehood and was a featured Tahitian dancer in Waikiki. Roiti was instrumental in starting a Tahitian Ori Competition here in Florida. She was also instrumental in teaching Tahitian Ori, Protocol, Basics of Dance and Culture to many here in Florida and throughout America and Mexico.

In Loving memory...
Beverly Dye

john koko

“Bruddah John...

for ever in our hearts.”

E Komo Mai...
Mahalo to everyone who participated and supported Ho'ike Hawai'i's successful 18th annual hula competition this summer of July 2015.

The success of our event is due to the support and participation of everyone who attended icluding all the people who did exhibition shows.
"To all the Kumu and Halau who have participated in our Orlando, Florida Hula Competition, mahalo for your kokua to preserve and support the Polynesian culture and sharing it with the people of Florida."
– Hoike Hawai'i Coordinators

    The Annual Workshop is a cultural learning experience designed for anyone who has an interest in Polynesian traditions. This year’s Workshop will have an array of classes. Only through healthy attendance are we able to continue the Workshop each year. We welcome you to come out and join in on a weekend of learning, performing, making new friends and fun!!

Hawaiian Hula ('Auana/Kahiko)
Hawaiian Oli & Hula Choreography
Tahitian – Ori Tahiti
Siva Siva (Samoan Dance)
Maori Haka Poi Ball
Lei Making (Also available: Feather Lei Class)
Hawaiian Pahu Drum Craft
Hawaiian Ipu Heke Craft
Makau – Hawaiian Fish Hook Carving
Tahitian – Toere Drumming

Ukulele Classes: Beginners & Advanced


Military Discount Rate for Workshop
    Active military personnel and 2 immediate family members enroll for 50% OFF the class price.
    To enroll, email your list to Marina with your class selections before October15, 2015. Include your name, names of family members, classes each are taking and contact information. Bring your military I.D. to the Registration table to sign in and pay for your classes and pick up your badge.
NOTE: The purpose of emailing your selections in advance is to ensure that the materials and space you need is available in the applicable classes.


*Class schedules are subject to change. Please check our updated schedules for classes.
For more information, contact Marina Butler at
(407) 240-2578


designed to help our
Ohana keep in touch.


Due to time constraints, exhibition numbers will be limited and by invitation only. Should a group wish to perform an exhibition number, they may submit their requests to marina@hoikehawaii.com. We will take the requests into consideration. However, we do not make any promises that they will be approved. If approved, the requestor will be notified in a timely manner.


Beautifully crafted Makau Iwi & Ipu Heke created by Uncle Hank will be available for purchase.


By attending, exhibiting or participating at the annual Ho’ike Hawai’i event, you are consenting to the collection and use of any personal images by photography and/or video recording. You also acknowledge these may be used for promotional purposes by Ho’ike Hawai’i, Inc. for current and future events.