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Theme for Group 'Auana Hula for 2014 is:
"Island of Oahu"
July 19–20 2014

Hula mele for all the Kumu this year is
"Makee Ailana"

Group 'Auana Hula Mele Already Selected for
2014 Competition:

Songs can only be reserved if competition entry and fees are received by us.

Group `AUANA:
Ka Pilina – Na Lima 'Olu Ma Ke Kai
He Aloha No O Honolulu – Na Opio I Orlando

Makee 'Ailana – Na Opio I Orlando
Pua 'Ahihi – Hau'oli Hula Halau
Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai – Hawaiian Paradise Dancers
Palehua – Hula Kilakilapilialohaikapu'uwai

Pua Hone – Hula Kilakilapilialohaikapu'uwai
Kalena Kaia – Halau `Ilima o Pololika
E Wai'anae – Halau `Ilima o Pololika
Haleiwa Hula – Halau `Ilima o Pololika
Ka pua ano lani – Halau Hula Kaleo o Ka’iwa
Ha?a hea kaimana hila – Kumu Randy Chang
Beauty Hula –Kumu Nani Chang
Kalena Kai –Kumu Nani Chang

Beautifully crafted Makau Iwi & Ipu Heke created by Uncle Hank will be available for purchase.

designed to help our
Ohana keep in touch.


• Jim & Cris Scott
• Kau'i Brandt
• Brian Harris
• Rose "Loke" Monehan
• Kalei Napalapalai
• Phil Tinkes

Traditional Polynesian

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E Komo Mai...

ALL ARE WELCOME! Ho'ike Hawai'i, a not-for-profit organization in Florida, invites you to enjoy two days of music, dance, fun and Polynesian local style food as we share the unique culture and arts from islands of the South Pacific. Come share the Aloha Spirit and be a part of our Ohana! This is an open invitation to all hula halau (schools), dance groups and individuals who wish to participate

Entries for Hawaiian hula and Polynesian dance are being accepted. Submit your entries and fees early before deadline June 1st to avoid late fees. For all group auana entries, please email your mele to be posted on our website, once you’ve sent your entry forms and fees in. Go to Competition page for rules and entry forms.

Theme for Group 'Auana Hula
this year is:
“Island of Oahu”

July 19 – 20, 2014
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The two-day hula competition focuses on the unique culture dance, costume and music styles of the various islands, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand. Participants from diverse cultures will be showcasing their knowledge and love for the Polynesian lifestyle and come from all corners of North America and Hawaii to compete and perform what they have learned.

In their first Florida concert Maunalua, nationally-renowned Hawaiian group known for their traditional and contemporary Hawaiian style music will perform live Saturday night, singing many of their award winning songs with beautiful guest dancers on stage. Also appearing for the first time is Hawaiian legendary musician Al Nobriga.

In loving Memory
Roiti Tahauri Sylva

Roiti Tahauri Sylva, born in Tuamotu island of Takaroa, danced for the legendary Madeleine Mou'a, among other notable Tahitian dance instructors in Tahiti. She came to Hawaii in 1959 before statehood and was a featured Tahitian dancer in Waikiki. Her experience also includes choreography and dancing in Hawaii under the direction of Teri'i Rua and Tavana. She has taught workshops in Japan, Mexico, and various states throughout the U.S. She has also judged and at many times been a head judge at many of the Heiva/ Tahiti Fete's throughout the United States. She also made and sold Tahitian arts and crafts at these and other events. Roiti also taught Te reo ma'ohi (Tahitian language) at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. She is also the creator of 'Ahuroa or 'Ahu'purotu. Roiti was an icon/legend in the Tahitian dance community in the Untied States. Due to her status in the 'Ori Tahiti world she is being honored at most of the Heiva/ Tahiti Fete's in the U.S. She had knowledge, passion and most of all a love for her culture that she was willing to share with whomever would listen. All she wanted was to make sure everyone did her culture the right way.

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In Loving memory...
Beverly Dye

john koko

“Bruddah John...

for ever in our hearts.”


By attending, exhibiting or participating at the annual Ho’ike Hawai’i event, you are consenting to the collection and use of any personal images by photography and/or video recording. You also acknowledge these may be used for promotional purposes by Ho’ike Hawai’i, Inc. for current and future events.